Dry transfer letters

Dry transfer letters: Effective solution for labeling a variety of objects

Applications for dry transfer letters

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Custom Decal: Great way to show off your individuality and style

Dry Transfer Letters: Perfect for a Variety of Projects
Dry Transfer Letters: Simple and Effective Solution

Examples of where transfers can be used

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Custom dry transfer lettering can be used to create unique and professional-looking museum signage

Advantages and disadvantages of rub on transfers compared to other types of labels or decals

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Custom Graphics: Add personality with unique dry transfer lettering

Art Gallery Wall Labels: Tips to create eye-catching art

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Cut out the lettering using a craft knife

Bass Drums: Best Instrument Panel Lettering

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Different Markers for acoustic guitar decals

Can I apply a dry transfer to any surface?

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Do I need to purchase an expensive speciality printer to create my transfers?

Can I use a laser printer for my transfers?

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Dry Transfer Arrows: Add some pizzazz to your project with fun and functional arrows

Choose The best materials for making airplane decals

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Dry Transfer Graphics: Choose from a wide array of graphics to add to your project

Choose the right font and size for art museum captions

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Dry Transfer Technique: The perfect way to add lettering to your project

Choose the type of lettering you want to use for your art museum captions

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Dry transfer technology: The ease of creating custom rub on decals

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What Type of Paper to Use for Museum Labels ?

Easily removed custom dry transfers are perfect for temporary or prototype products

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What you need to know about using dry transfer lettering with electronic equipment

Examples of projects that can be done with a dry transfer

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Why choose dry transfers over other types of decals or labels

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Where to find rub on transfers

Exhibition labels: the finishing touch to your display

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Why rub on transfer letters white are a great choice for labeling artwork and exhibits

Frequently asked questions about dry transfer lettering

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Gallery labeling with dry transfer letters

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Prototypes: Discover the affordable and diverse range of dry transfer letters available

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Dry transfer letters for professional purposes

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Dry transfer letters: Find the perfect option for your project

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How Good museum signage can help to direct visitors to specific exhibits or pieces of art

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Guidelines for creating effective museum signage

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How do I remove a dry transfer?

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How do I use a dry transfer?

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How do you add numbers to your instrument panel lettering

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How do you promote your new instrument panel lettering project

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How many colors can I choose from with a dry transfer?

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How to choose the right airplane decals for your plane

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How to choose the right colors for your rub on transfer letters white

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How to choose the right type of label for your exhibition

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How to Create Custom Dry Transfer Lettering

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How to Create Custom Exhibition Labels

How to Create Custom Guitar Headstock Decals

How to Create Unique Custom model decals

How to design custom airplane decals

How to Get the perfect art exhibition labels for your needs

How to make your art gallery wall labels look their best

How to remove the protective backing to allow the adhesive to dry

How to transfer letters and decals

How to use a burnisher to get the perfect finish on your transferred graphics

How to use a dry transfer burnisher to smooth out the lettering.

Interesting and Engaging museum captions example

Learn how to add personality to your projects with dry transfers

Learn How to Apply the lettering to your artwork or label using an adhesive

Make your museum experience easier with labels

Museum Label Template: How to write musepm captions

Museum signage can also provide information about prices and other aspects of the artwork on display

Museum wall text: Recomended sizes and colors

Projects that can be made with rub on transfers

Rub on transfers letters are a great way to add text or images to a variety of surfaces

Rub on transfers: Choose the correct color and size

The benefits of using truck decals for advertising and marketing

The best ways to protect and preserve your transferred text or graphics

The best ways to use rub on letters and transfers in your art show

The Pantone graphic palette is a great way to find matching colors for your museum signage

Tips for creating beautiful and eye-catching art show labels

Tips for Creating Effective Art Gallery Labels

Tips for creating effective product prototypes with dry transfers

Tips for getting the best results from a dry transfer

Tips for transferring images or text onto your furniture successfully

Transfer letters for a unique and professional look

Type of paper would like to use for your labels

Use a template to help you evenly space the lettering on your artwork or label

What alphabet should you use for your instrument panel lettering project

What are dry transfer lettering for electronics?

What are rub on transfers and what do they look like

What are the benefits of using a dry transfer?

What is a dry transfer decals?

What is the best way to store my dry transfers?

What is the difference between a dry transfer and a water slide decal?

Custom dry transfer text, lettering, numbers and symbols


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Custom dry transfer letters in a black background used to describe art in a museum exhibit. Transfer, letters, dry transfer lettering, dry transfer decals, letter transfers, dry transfer lettering, dry transfer rubon.

I highly recommend Dry transfer letters because they value each lettering project as their own. every person I spoke with was kind and professional, and the final art lettering result was absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much! I've run the numbers and you're worth it! 5 stars!

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Dry transfers are a semi-permanent lettering solution that you can add very simply, quickly and effortlessly to a wide range of surfaces without water. They’re typography created by printing a special type of ink on a sheet of film. Custom dry transfer letters are an easier solution to add than the old magnifiers, blades or a burnisher. The dry transfer film has an adhesive backing that can be easily rubbed off with the use of solvents such as bestine or acetone. The letters, stars, or images on these sheets can be transferred onto any smooth and non-porous surface, which makes them very easy to add.

Custom rub down transfers used as a product prototype label for the American Crew Classic. Three brown bottles and one orange tub placed on top of a white table. Dry transfer lettering, dry rub transfer, custom transfers, rub-on transfers decals.

Custom dry transfers for wood, customized dry transfer lettering for electronics and product prototypes are popular examples of dry transfer lettering applications. We offer bespoke dry transfer letters that are often used in museums, for craft projects, acoustic guitarsguitar headstocks, models, and in general anywhere professional lettering is used. Dry transfer letters make perfect magnifiers, blades or burnisher tool alternative for custom scale applications of any kind. Dry transfer letters are nearly instant to add which makes them incredibly handy.

Dry transfer letters and dry transfer decals are also known as:

  • Dry lettering transfers
  • Letter transfers
  • Transfer letter decals
  • Transfer letters
  • Decal transfers
  • Transfer decals
Custom dry transfer lettering used in a brown guitar. Dry transfers are also perfect for other musical instruments. Dry transfer decals, rub on letter transfers, decal transfers, dry transfer lettering, press down transfers.

Usage of dry transfers, Lettering, numbers and decals

Different custom rub on letter transfers laid on a table. Rub on transfers decals, dry transfer lettering, custom transfers, custom decal transfers, press down transfers.

Corporations use our dry transfer letters for major product prototypes to give them a highly-polished look when you add them. Dry transfer letters are also very popular for visual art installations such as those found in museums. Custom dry transfer decals and letters are used to showcase an artist’s work because they’re professional, fast, easy to apply, and easy to remove for the next art installation.

Art galleries choose dry transfers letters because they help highlight the artists and their art and design works with precise and uniform appearance compared to paper labels.

Moreover, museums and art galleries find dry transfer letters invaluable for their versatility and professional finish. These transfers provide a clean, seamless look that traditional labels cannot achieve.

Luxury retailers select dry transfer lettering to showcase glass display cases to help explain and promote the products inside. Dry transfers are a favorite of luxury retailers for this reason. Brides and Grooms even add and use custom dry transfer decals and lettering to customize their special day printed items such as their wedding day guest books. 

Custom Lettering & numbers are a Perfect fit for Museums and Art Galleries

Have you ever been to a museum and seen how perfect art museum captions are next to works of art? They are usually instant rubdown lettering, also known as dry transfers or dry transfer letters. In the past, museums would painstakingly add premade scale alphabet sheets, which are very difficult to get perfect. Dry transfers decals that are custom made are vastly superior looking and easier to install and perfect for museum signage too. Custom dry transfers help make artist and artwork descriptions easy to add. Dry transfer letters are so much quicker and easier than using magnifiers which makes them a favorite.

Small, medium, or large, custom dry transfers come in as many various sizes as you can imagine. And while Helvetica is the most popular font point, you can use any font you like with your custom graphics.

Dry transfers are very easy to apply and offer superior display quality. Once applied, dry transfer letters look as if the letters and numbers were professionally painted on. The usage of dry transfer letters for museum labels are growing in popularity as dry transfer letters are so easy to add and remove. They’re growing in popularity as art museum captions too.

Dry rub transfers and decals are ideal for numbers and Lettering for product scale prototypes

Dry transfer custom lettering used on a light brown bicycle frame prototype on top of black cloth. Dry transfers, dry transfer rub on, custom transfer decals, press down transfers, rub on lettering transfers, dry rub transfer.

Designers, engineers and product development teams love to add dry transfers. Dry transfer letters are perfect when making models and prototypes to give them that polished “fresh from the factory” look. In fact, dry transfers with an image are so sharp, in the upper or lower case, that people often mistake them for paint, scale electroplating or etching, engraving and other lettering technologies. Dry transfer letters give product prototypes and models the look of a final manufactured product.

Dry transfer lettering can even be designed in a way that gives a vintage look. Dry transfer letters are perfect for product documents and stationary.

Whatever the case, if you need black or white,  one color, multiple colors or a foil effect, drytransferletters.com is the perfect place to shop for your dry transfer letters. Simply submit your image, art or design in one of the approved file formats and we’ll make your product prototype, tools, or model look like it was made by a world-class manufacturer. Dry transfer letters are a great burnisher and blades tool alternative.

Industrial design applications work perfectly with custom decal Letters and numbers

Custom rub-down dry transfer letters are the platinum standard to add lettering, stars, a image, logos or a wide array of other graphical elements for brands. Examples include:

Dry transfer lettering on a transparent product bottle prototype being peeled off by a guy. Dry rub transfer, custom transfers, dry transfer decals, dry transfer rub on, custom press down transfers, custom rub on transfer decals.

Dry transfer letters are also popular in the automotive, motorcycle and aircraft industries. Dry transfer decals can be used to spice up a wide variety of objects such as the faces of analog guages, digital guages, tachometers, speedometers and other tools.

Guitar makers love to use dry transfer lettering. It allows them to easily customize their instruments and give them a dazzling and unique look that’s on par with the biggest players in their markets.

Custom Dry Transfer Pricing

3 to 5 day for Production, FREE 2 day Fed ex SHIPPING in the US


8 1/2 x 11


So long as the surface is smooth, non-porous and dry, dry transfer letters work with many different kinds of surfaces. Some of these surfaces that work well with them are:

  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Metal

When ready to remove the lettering, that is no problem: they’re as easy to remove as they are to add. When you add dry transfer lettering to surfaces, they’ll appear to be printed right on the surface of the product. Dry transfer letters are simply amazing and so easy to add. It’s no wonder they’re growing in popularity for personal and professional uses. Dry transfer letters make everything including tools look professional and brilliantly designed.

To remove dry transfer products, you simply rub them with a bit of acetone.

You can learn more about dry transfers and how they’re different from waterslide decals by clicking on this link.

Get dry transfer decals and lettering / numbers - with 68 years of decals Experience

Drytransferletters.com deeply understands how important it is to launch a successful product prototype, or display art or offering in the most attractive way possible. We offer custom dry transfers that will exceed your expectations and simply blow you away. The 5 stars, top notch quality of our products is second to none.

Since 1952 we’ve been helping businesses and corporations get their lettering jobs done as perfectly as possible, and at fair prices. You can order online or call today for a custom quote to add dry transfer decals to your items.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our website, click our links and read our content, blog and reviews.

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